Sensei’s influence has inspired and profoundly affected many over so much space and time. Here are some past and current stories, thoughts, and pictures shared by his students and friends (submit a new POST).

  • memory – Oregon
    This weekend is the Mourning Moon, the last full moon before the Winter Solstice, a good time to let go as the new year approaches. … Read more
  • memory – San Jacinto
    We had a partial lunar eclipse on the October 28th full Hunter’s Moon, celebrated these days as Halloween. I associate this time of year with … Read more
  • memory – Whitney Portal to Death Valley
    September 29th is the Harvest Full Moon. Sensei acknowledged that we have to indirectly kill in order to eat, whether its plants or animals. Our … Read more
  • memory – Moon Gazing
    August 31st was a Blue Moon because it’s the 2nd full moon in the same month. Sensei appreciated the poetry of the Full Moon symbolizing … Read more
  • memory – Catalina
    August 1st was the Full Sturgeon Moon, reminding me of the varieties of fish at Catalina Island (Garibaldi, Calico Bass, etc) and my trip there … Read more
  • memory – Joshua Tree
    July 3rd was the Thunder Full Moon which reminds me how we live so protected from the elements. Having lived in Bodhgaya India and the … Read more
  • memory – Jikoji
    June 3 was the Strawberry Full Moon and I found myself making a matcha latte. Sensei was particular about tea in the afternoons, but enjoyed … Read more
  • memory – Vesak, Lake Shrine
    Today is the Vesak Full moon when Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and pari-nirvana will be celebrated by hundreds of millions and recognized in today’s press release … Read more
  • Sensei in the Bardo
    We scattered Sensei’s ashes among the wild poppies of Antelope Valley on April 8th. Over the years, many of us brought him to view the … Read more
  • memory – Flowers
    Today is the Worm Moon, and I think of how Sensei would often say “All flowers are beautiful.” Their nature is to be beautiful. Why … Read more
  • memory – Bodhgaya
    Today is the Snow Moon, and I think of Sensei’s decision to go to Bodhgaya around the age of 45 (in the late 1970’s). Why … Read more
  • memory – Hokkaido
    Today is the Full Wolf Moon, and I think of the things Sensei shared about the few years he lived in the wilderness of Hokkaido … Read more
  • The Moon’s Saros
    Today is the 49th day after Sensei left his body. It is significant in Japan (shijukunichi traditional interment) and among Tibetan Buddhists (49 days in … Read more
  • Lunar Occultation
    With Sensei’s departure, we are left to fend for ourselves, unable to go to our teacher for advice and confidence. But then, he taught us … Read more
  • Full Moon’s Eclipse
    Dear friends,Sensei crossed over Tuesday afternoon November 8th, while asleep or meditating. Following the full moon total lunar eclipse that morning, it’s almost a beautiful … Read more
  • The Setting Full Moon
    “This is the end of my life. I’m very happy. Don’t worry about it.” In February we discovered he has cancer and he went on … Read more
    Sensei’s nursing home has seen 108 of the 300 residents with active COVID-19 infections at the end of December, a very scary number given their … Read more
    BodhiEmailSensei officially retired in January 2015, and has spent the last five years living in the Sakura Intermediate Care Facility. He has Parkinson’s disease but … Read more
  • Insect Sangha
    If you’ve been around Buddhist centers for a while you probably have heard of dharma names. The idea in times past was that a person … Read more