Lunar Occultation

With Sensei’s departure, we are left to fend for ourselves, unable to go to our teacher for advice and confidence. But then, he taught us to rely on ourselves all along. He noted that the actual fact of our experience supersedes all representations, reifications, and reflections. The moon in the water is not the moon, just a sign leading us to True Nature and Eternal Time. We can do it!

Still, I’m reminded of how the Mahayana ask for help from transcendent bodhisattvas like Quan Yin, Samantabhadra, Jizo and Manjusri. Maybe Sensei is in the spirit world looking out for us, just like the Moon occulted Mars a few days ago.

Regardless, we are here. We are remembering how he moved and shaped us. We are grateful, happy and strong, as we take time to honor him:

  • 7-days’ dana ceremony, Dharma Vijaya, November 15
  • Cremation, half-way between Angel Stadium and Disneyland, November 30
  • Memorial service, Dharma Vijaya, December 4
  • 49 days after passing, December 27
  • Scattering of ashes, Spring 2023
Bhante Piyananda with 13 monks at the 7-days’ dana ceremony offered by Bhante Saranasiri
Water offering at 7-days’ ceremony: Bhante Dhammajothi, Bhante Saranasiri, Bhante Piyananda, Bodhi, Ananda, Sudharma.
Khema, Marina, Gaubriella, Sila, Bhante Kemananda, Bhante Saranasiri, Bhante Dhammajothi, Bhante Piyananda, Bhante Somissara, Clara, Bodhi (not pictured) at the cremation.
Stephen Long MC-ing the memorial service with the venerable monks, Sensei’s neice Marina, and two dozen friends/students present.

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