“Just breathe nicely, that’s all.” 1993

“All flowers are beautiful.” 1996

meditate to be stronger than your pain and wiser than your problems.” 2012

Lecture at One Taste in San Francisco, 1/19/2007

  • TRI-FOLDS (2002-2008):
    Anapanasati: “Go to the forest, to the root of a tree, to an empty house.”
    Nature Buddha: “It is told that when a paccekabuddha – nature buddha — resides deep in nature, there are no disasters or calamities in the world.”
    Photosynthesis: “When I stayed in Bodhgaya, Bihar State, India, I loved to squat at the side of a small water tank, which contained pink lotuses in full bloom.”
    Tathagata: “People wondered how to address the Buddha; he was sublime and sacred, serene and beautiful, majestic and affectionate that they believed he was a super human — deity or god.”
    Dharma Eye: “Dharma eye is the eye that sees everything as sparkling truth and beauty, and which is called tatha (thus-ness, such-ness, as-it-is-ness).”
    Our Life: “Life is not our business”
    Muga: “If we do not hate others, we do not create any problems at all.”
    Enlivened: “We do not live, but we are enlivened.”
    Life is Distractable: “Life is distractible to itching …to pain…to diseases and illness…”
    Life is Vicious: “Life is vicious with fang and claw”
    They Wrap: “They wrap, wrap, wrap. With a sheet of paper.”
    Breathing Buddha: “Buddha is otherwise named ‘Tathagata’ meaning ‘Thus-Come.'”

  • ESSAYS (1990-2010):
    The Resolution of Pain (149pp, full text coming soon. Based on 7pp article in the Dharma Vijaya Newsletter: Dissolution of Pain): “What is Pain? What is Human Being? Hierarchy. Energy. Entity of Pain. What is Life? Facing the Pain. Removing the Cause of Pain. ‘Self-components’, Practice. Exhortation.”
    Celestial Meditations (29pp, contents. full text coming soon): “The Practice of Four Celestial Meditations: Metta, Karuna, Mudita, Upekkha”
    All Is My Teacher (45pp, excerpt. full text coming soon): “I jumped out of the Master’s temple without any idea where to go or stay.”
    Silent Illumination (93pp): “Waka-poetry by Zen Master Dogen”
    Dhamma (8pp. full text coming soon) “Well revealed by the Buddha, meritorious, present, witnessed, leading to perfection, Nibbana, individually realized by the wise.”
    Immune (11pp. full text coming soon): “Be Good (The Immune and Immortal)”
    Virtual Reality (29pp. full text coming soon): “When we try to see, We see only what we want to see; When we do not try to see, We see us.”
    Indriya (16pp. full text coming soon): “Every flower is beautiful; all blossoms are attractive; any bloom is exquisite; no matter how they are small or large; whatever their colors are…”
    Kyuho (23pp. full text coming soon): “All matter suffers. Buddha does not suffer.”
    Fukanzazengi (translation/annotation, 24pp. full text coming soon): “Exhorting For Meditation. By Zen Master Dogen.”
    Conscious Breaths (16pp. full text coming soon): “Doing nothing flowers bloom over the rolling hills of high desert.”

  • BOOKS:
    WHEN IT STOPS SINKING (2008, ~412pp. coming soon), personal epic autobiography
    WAKEFUL (2002, 113pp. 3rd edition coming soon), meditation textbook
    ONE-INCH BUDDHA (1982, 105pp. 2nd edition coming soon, explanation of Zen (translation commentary)