The Setting Full Moon

“This is the end of my life. I’m very happy. Don’t worry about it.”

In February we discovered he has cancer and he went on Hospice. But 6 months later, his condition was very stable and he was discharged back to normal care at the nursing home. Khema and I continue to watch over him with his doctors and the facility.

Mantis and I separately visit him every couple weeks. He calls us “my protectors”. He spends all his time in bed now. Sometimes he’s weak and barely talks, but other times he’s more engaged and responsive. For years, when I ask how he’s doing he says, “same condition”, and without fail when I call or visit and tell him I’m so happy to see him, he always says thank you. I bring him different flowers every two weeks.

July 8th visit

April 29th advice to meditators: “Better be happy and strong. Don’t worry anything. The conditions are same, therefore don’t too much worry. Don’t…don’t want any more. Just be satisfied at this moment and constant practice.”

Khema, Sila, Sudharma and I celebrating his 90th birthday bedside on July 22nd

He continues to be content and calm, a true example for us all.
(September, 2022)

3 Replies to “The Setting Full Moon”

  1. I believe I meditated with Sensei for the entire time I was in Los Angeles which spanned out to quite a few years. It was one of the best experiences of my life and Sensei was the ultimate facilitator of that experience. I missed it so much going forward and thought of him often since his meditation sessions affected not only myself other members of my family who also meditated with him. One can never underestimate how one individual can ultimately shape the course of one’s life and Sensei has affected mine in a major way. I never got to see him again, but recently got the opportunity to be in contact with some fellow meditators and got news about him. I am so, so grateful for everything. May he be well and happy in his next life.

  2. thank you Sensei for sharing your light with us. your message and presence will stay with me as I continue on my path.

    Gate gate para gate para sam gate bodhi swaha

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