One-inch Buddha

2nd edition coming soon

Shibuya Sensei’s first book, written while he was abbot of Indosan Nipponji Temple in Bodhgaya, India from ~1973-1979, One-inch Buddha is a translation from Japanese of Hashimoto Roshi’s (1893-1965) detailed explanation of Zen as originally outlined by Dogen Zenji in the 13th century. Sensei’s detailed footnotes guide those new to Zen through the many historical references from the sound of one hand clapping to Gutei’s finger.

“I am especially grateful to Roshi Eko-u Hashimoto, who is the author of this book entitled Commentary on The Eight Reflections of the Great Ones, and which is the most accurate and authoritative guide to Zen Master Dogen’s Shobogenzo. The Shobogenzo is without doubt, one of the most profound yet inaccessible books in the world which advocates “The Right Practice”, and the contents of it is, “the practice itself is Awakening.”
– Shibuya Sensei, 1982

1st edition, printed in India in the 1970’s
2nd edition, Bodhi’s Press, coming soon